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DATE Tue, 1 September, 2009
Workshop at EPIC 2009 September 1, 2009 (Chicago)
Workshop at EPIC 2009 September 1, 2009 (Chicago)
“Focus on Emotions in Ethnography-based Research to Provide More Actionable Insights for
Business Designers.”
Co-leader with Wakako Kitamura of Daishinsha.

Conference web site
DATE 3/2007
Osaka and Tokyo, Japan
Osaka and Tokyo, Japan
K.K. Daishinsha 55th anniversary of founding

K.K. Daishinsha
DATE Thu, 29 March, 2007
Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo, Japan
"Huge Opportunities Meeting Unmet Needs in Japan's Services Sector" presentation to one of
world's leading entrepreneur organizations

EO Tokyo University
DATE Tue, 31 October, 2006
Tokyo, Japan
Lecture on future trends affecting the technical communication industry

Society of Technical Communication Tokyo Chapter
DATE Fri, 13 October, 2006
Akita, Japan
Guest lecture at class taught by venture capitalist Hitoshi Suga

Akita International University
Hitoshi Suga's entrepreneurship class
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