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DATE Tue, 26 March, 2013
Carl Kay profiled by Harvard Gazette
Carl Kay profiled by Harvard Gazette
See article and video about Carl's career and involvement with Harvard and Japan, at the
link below.

Harvard Gazette article and video
DATE Fri, 25 March, 2011
Sad spring in Tokyo
Sad spring in Tokyo
Cover “Dark Spring”
by Christoph Niemann

DATE Mon, 7 April, 2008
400 Year Cycle?
400 Year Cycle?
In the March 31 2008 New York Times, Op-Ed Columnist Roger Cohen in "The Baton Passes to
Asia" reminds us that in the 17th century China and India accounted for more than half the
world's economic output (and hints that we may be heading that way again).....Maybe my
shares of Citigroup will bounce back in the early 25th century?

See NY Times article
DATE Thu, 24 March, 2011
Harvard support for Japan
Harvard support for Japan
See daily events on campus week of March 21-26 at URL below.

Harvard For Japan web site
DATE Wed, 26 March, 2008
Japan Not a Slouch in Per Head GDP
Japan Not a Slouch in Per Head GDP
An article in the March 15th Economist points out that Japan's relative economic
performance compared to the United States looks very different if GDP growth per person is
used as the yardstick instead of just total GDP growth rate. Taking into account Japan's
declining population, Japan's GDP growth exceeds that of the US. This suggests that living
standards are rising faster in Japan, which is certainly counter to the generally accepted
view in the business media.

See article in Economist
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